Uncluttering my life: the aftermath

Hey there, so a little over 2 months have passed after the uncluttering of clothes and this is what happened. I actually have not even been tempted to wear the discarded clothes once. But I haven’t actually discarded them yet. I mean, there are in a pile outside my room, but still inside my house. The thing is, I still have a lot of clothes I don’t use at all. I don’t plan on getting rid of more, I’m good for now.

I tried to get rid of some of my books, but I couldn’t. I manage to select a few to go into the house library but I couldn’t bring myself to donate them. I still have to work on that I guess. The nostalgic things were surprisingly easy to select and throw away. Most of the stuff I had no longer any attached feelings, so bye felicia it was. I managed to drop about half the shit I owned, so I lot of space was liberated. I was tempted to fill it up immediately, but I didn’t.

I recently did a deep cleaning sez of my room. This combined with less stuff around has really done the trick. I feel my room is finally uncluterred and so is my mind.

Do you ever feel like physically cleaning and uncluttering has an effect on your mind?

An awkward hug,



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