Hey there!

So, I did it. Sort of. I’m donating about half of my clothes to charity. I’m throwing some in the trash, because they are not wearable anymore, but most of it is going away. Here are some photos of the before:

cleaning up (4)cleaning up (3)

These are all of my clothes (lol that little receipt). And here is some of the process:

cleaning up (2).jpg

I grab each item of clothing and honestly evaluated it. Will I use it regurlarly? If not, is it something that I need for a special occasion? Will I use it then or will I buy something that I actually like? All of these where no (and the last one yes) then bye felicia and into the pile of donations you go. If not, then I kept it. More than half my clothes are in that pile now. Here is a photo of that:

cleaning up (1)cleaning up

I know it does not look like much, but I have fold them neatly and that bag on the side is also part of it. And that my sister took a pile too.

I’m a lot happier with my closet now, it is less cluttered, and I can actually find the things I want to wear now!

An awkward but happier hug,



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