On uncluttering

Hey there! So I’ve been wondering if May is the month I finally live an uncluttered life. I have not read Marie Kondo’s book, but I have been researching the basic lessons and folding techniques (which I kinda already do). I have watch a documentary on minimalism as a way of living, just consuming what you need and the effect it has on your brain and potential mental health. I want to unclutter my brain too, mainly because as an anxious person it sounds amazing! Being able to enjoy everything a bit more? Sign me up.
However, I’m a very nostalgic person too. I like old photos, I keep train and plain tickets from trips, I love to keep wristbands from festivals and I normally keep maps from the cities I’ve been to. Why? It feels like I haven’t really left. It tricks my brain into thinking about the good times I had there, and how I wish I could go back. It’s little pieces of my moments there. Of course, it clutters the F out of my bedroom and house. And I know don’t actually remember where they are all from. In conclusion, I should get rid of all the things that are basically crap I collected and don’t remember why. However, I still feel very attached to every single thing. I shouldn’t, but I do.
Then there’s clothes. I own too many. I would say I use about 20% of my entire wardrobe, but some how it only keeps growing. I often buy replacements for my old tshirts that have holes in them. But I also end up buying a few other pieces I don’t really need or end up using. It’s a waste of money and space. I know I should reduce and find out what I really need.
An then there’s books. I have an addiction to buying books. Yes, this is true. I buy them online, on my kindle or IRL, but I don’t read at the same speed as I buy books. I know I should stop and finish reading the ones in my list, but I just keep doing it. I’m doing the reading challenge in goodreads. I set a goal of 24 books a year, and I’m 2 books behind. I know it does not sound as much, but I lost my reading habits in uni (I know, the irony). I’m just starting to read for pleasure again, and I’m bad at it. I should stop buying new books.
And finally I would love to unclutter my uni coursework stuff. I’ve got that all organised and locked away in my house. One could say it’s actually organised, but it’s covering up space. And I never check it. I probably should for some work stuff, but I always forget to when I get home.
And after all this rambling about how hard is to get rid of stuff and how much I want to do it, I decided to do so. This saturday (because I have a 10-7 job lol). I will share photos of before, during and after! But maybe on Sunday? Stay tuned.
An awkward but hopeful hug,

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