on being rude

hey there! I had to go to uni yesterday (ok, every Tuesday because I’m a TA) and I was in a rush. For the first time (in forever lol) I got really annoyed at people getting into the lift. I used to be get this all the time whilst in uni. But I completely forgot about it. OK so, the thing that got me was that people going in didn’t leave enough space for the people in the lift to get out. It’s very difficult to enter a tiny room if there are people in there, especially if those people want to get out. It’s dumb, its inconsiderate, it’s annoying and can be avoided. How, you may ask? Just waiting for the people to get out (leaving them room to, too) and then going in, like humans with brains.
Ok, so it’s a minor thing that gets me really riled up. So while I was running up the stairs because I couldn’t be bothered with the situation previously described I started think about it. What was it? what got me? Its fair to say this isn’t the only situation like this that gets me. People failing to park in the designated spot and taking up some of other spaces also annoys the freck out of me. Can’t they spare 30 seconds to repark correctly so they don’t end up being the biggest arseholes? It also gets me whilst grocery shopping. People taking up the entire aisle with their carts, failing to notice the traffic they are making it’s really irritating.
What all these situations have in common? Little ways of saying that they don’t acknowledge the rest of the humans around them, people acting like they are entitled brats. It’s not being nice, it’s being ignorant of the other, whoever they may be. It’s rudeness. For me, this small and probably not important acts of rudeness towards an invisible other it’s the absolute worst. For me, it’s failing at basic human interaction. However, it reveals how the people living in the same community feel towards the community. How they would treat everyone if nobody saw them. Although most of this acts are very public, and others can see it, they do not really know the people surrounding them, so why should they be nice?
This is the worst. Because there is an easy fix, because if everyone would be more aware of the others around, our community would be a better place for everyone. Yes, you would probably would take a couple extra seconds to get out of your car, and yes, you would have to wait for the people inside the lift to get out, but wouldn’t it all be smoother? Wouldn’t it all be better?
Let me know if you also get riled up by basic rudeness or what gets up riled up!

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