try and be an unfucker

Hey there! So I’ve been trying to be an unfucker. Like trying to change little bits and pieces to affect climate change a bit less. This feeling of needing to change is not new. I first felt this way on exchange. It was the first time people took actual action to promote a more sustainable living, to be themselves unfuckers. To be the change they wanted. I must say, it stroke a chord I didn’t realise I had.

I never thought that climate change or global warming (as I learnt about it in school) could be something that we could change. It felt very omnipotent and it seemed as the solutions were too grandiloquent, too big scale, too much.

And then, a good friend from Australia told me about Be unfucker dot com. I learnt about making little changes, becoming more aware of the consequences of my actions or consumptions. And I wanted to change, I really did. But for some reason, I didn’t. I don’t know why. I just didn’t. For two whole years. I still believed it was pointless.

This few weeks, I started a new train of thought. I wanted a change. Maybe, just maybe, I could change (I realised this wasn’t just about climate change). I must say, I haven’t actually done anything. I remember it after I used up the plastic bags at the grocery store, and I remember after going to the coffee shop and using cardboard cups.

I will start being an unfucker myself. I will, I promise. But for now, I just want to pass on the possible change for other people to start and try being unfuckers. So go to Start being.

an soon-to-be-unfucker hug,



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