Nina is not ok – a review

Hey there! So a couple of few months ago I finished ‘Nina is not ok’. It’s an amazing book! And I won’t stop talking about it to everyone I know, so here we go. Warning, there are some spoilers.

I starts with the most hilarious/disturbing chapter one I’ve read in a while. It’s the narration of one of the most important and defining moments of the book, but we don’t know it yet. Because Nina doesn’t remember it all. Well, she does remember some things. Like the skunk in her hair and her pants in her hands. It also sets the tone of the book. It’s filled with references to Jamie, her ex, and it’s a bit all over the place, in the same way our internal monologues are. It’s also patchy with memories. This is because Nina is an alcoholic and spends most of the book getting drunk and fucking up things. I’ve heard before that alcoholics often blackout, and that’s actually a symptom of alcoholism. And this book certainly makes it clear.

I must say there’s a lot going on. I rushed through it because I loved it, but it was packed with situations and storylines. The main thread, the thing that binds them all together is Nina’s alcohol problem. She gets into hilarious/disturbing situations, she gets fucked and them have sex with someone (or tries). She fucks up relationships (romantic or otherwise), but she can’t help it. Eventually she goes to rehab and tries AA. It’s a rocky road, it’s accurate. Healing and coming to terms with the ugly isn’t pretty.

Apart from the amazing personality and internal monologue that this books presents, we have so many themes that are explored. Some in greater measure than others, but representation is present throughout the pages. First, it’s stated that Nina is not white, but she doesn’t mind. There’s also body issues, specially related to her friend Zoe, who is also in an abusive relationship, there’s rape, there’s issues with boundaries (both legal and appropriate about consensual sex), there’s different friendships and different types of people. There’s bisexualism. This particular one is very glazed on, but I kind of enjoy it not been a bigger thing that it should. There’s an alcoholic dad, a ‘boring’ stepfather and a dad she tries to fuck. There are healthy relationships, there are some not so great. It’s genuinely very interesting.

In conclusion, I would recommend. To everyone, no matter what age they are. Maybe don’t have alcohol in the house while you are reading it, because I really wanted to have a drink.

An awkward hug,



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