Autopilot is for the tired – PEIN 3

Hi there! So, I realise that I didn’t post on the 3rd of November but in my defence it’s still the same day for me as I haven’t gone to sleep yet. In that spirit, I want to address that: feeling tired.

I’m feeling tired. The real tired, the physical one. I haven’t stop working/ studying/ presenting/ interacting with other human beings in over 24 hours. My body is tired and in dire need of sleep. I feel exactly the same way after coming home from a very energetic concert or a camping trip. My legs and arms are about to fail every instant, so I’m afraid I will fall in my face constantly.

But I also feel the other kind of tired. I feel tired of interacting with other humans because it drains my strength. I feel mentally tired, like when you click in a lot of different places rapidly and your computer decides it was more it could take and freezes. I feel like I’m taking more things than I should take. In the words of Bilbo Baggins: I feel thin, like butter spread over too much bread (I too need a very long holiday, and mean not to return, but that’s another topic). This second kind of tired is much more dangerous because it’s not so obvious to the person suffering it. It creeps up on you, but once you acknowledge it, it sticks. Almost like a numbness not allowing your brain to function. almost as if you were sleep while walking. Like an autopilot.

I think I shared too much. If you feel like it, let me know if this sounds at all familiar. Does anyone else feel like they live their live in autopilot?

A tired *yawns* hug,



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